Sunday, July 20, 2008

Dollars for Doggie Care

Puppy care is catching up to child care in popularity and cost, and one Fort Lee resident is making a business catering to canines and other furry companions. If you don't read the whole article, at least skip to the paragraph where she describes being asked to stroke a cat because otherwise it won't eat its dinner. Reminds me of a very high-powered doctor I once knew who resigned from the board of an international aid organization because she had to devote more time to her diabetic cat. Who says Americans don't have their priorities straight?

From The Record, July 20, 2008:
"Deborah Jack of Fort Lee worked on Wall Street for 20 years before she found an investment opportunity she got excited about. It’s an investment, she says, with lots of growth potential, low start-up costs, and legs — and it lets her spend time with her favorite creatures — the four-legged kind.

Jack left Wall Street to become one of North Jersey’s first Fetch Pet Care franchise owners. Her business serves busy pet owners willing to pay a premium for dog walkers, cat sitters and various kinds of pet pampering."

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